Hi! There. I’m Tarak Vora. Now I’m sharing information about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I think SEO is a very useful service for your website. I know your first think is, “How does it work?”
the answer is very simple but it’s very complicated to understand SEO. So now I’ll give you details and information one by one. I think it will be easy to understand SEO.

So first thing, understand ‘what you want on your website. I think you have to decide your website goal and the categories like sports, technology, gaming, etc, in short, you have to select one niche for your blog/website.  I think this is the basic and first part of your website-making process. The website process is not complete without the SEO process because the content is crowned head in the world of SEO so write your own content on your website, some website gets top on the search engines ranking because their link building is very strong. ( “Link building process is not easy to explain in this short article, It’s just like you have to submit your website link on another website. Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own.” ) but if you want to talk regarding visitor loyalty and traffic retention, so it will always require good, old and trusted optimized content.

I would like to share some points so you can understand them in better way.

  • 1

    Give time to writing great and dedicated content

    It’s mean if you start writing than giving the first opportunity to people and after for search engine because people are just like you, They type keywords on the search engine and find your website. This means simpler than quality pieces of work will you be human and delightful because the search engines will recognize your efforts.
    Write articles or content that people want to share on other social networks. You see many social sites on the search engine. The search engine is to read your domain as a sign of quality that reads those social signals. You can get lots of followers and likes on these social networks by having an account on these social sites can accelerate the expansion of its content. I think if your content is strong to be others so you can get visitor quickly. The main part of content writing work you have to focus on your keywords if you targeted keywords repeated on your content or you set those keywords in the right place so your content will be optimized without any penalty. But in this part, you have to focus on quality too, If you’re used other website content on your website that’s means that content is duplicate. Now Search Engine algorithm set the first priority to the original content and the second on the duplicate content. If I tell you in short think so that content is the heart of your website and it’s very important for the optimization process.

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    You take the link for your website to other credible websites

    I know that every business requires for distribution to the website or other promotional offers. If you are new to the web market, how are you trying to get natural links? Many SEO service providers for all these suppliers are bound to a website, to contact them to arrange a link exchange. It works like if you have your own website and you have to post your link on another website. If the owner of the website approves the link where you posted so you’ll get the outbound link.

  • 3

    Avoid duplicate content.

    The content on your website should be unique and different from another website. If you use informative contain, then the content will attract many people. Think about those words that people are like to find on the internet. I think people like to read informative and interesting story content. I have seen that many people copy the content from the others but actually search engine is not allowed to crowding duplicate content. If you use duplicate content on your website so search engine algorithms skip that content or maybe it’ll be added to the spamming list.

  • 4

    Upload your own Images and Complete all attributes.

    Images giving an attractive look for your website but search engines have no idea about that if you not complete all the details about an image like caption, alternative text, description, title, etc. This has a negative impact on search engines, fill up full information about images and write to access certain content and information for that. Some people find the image via Google Image search, they do whatever they want. If your image is highly visible on search engine then your subscriber will likely easily visit your page. But remember don’t use copyrighted images. This type of images affect your website ranking or maybe you have to face copyrighted issues, so I hardly recommend please use your own images for your website and product. If you like some image on the internet then you can buy the license for that image.

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