Hi! Everyone. I’m Tarak Vora. I’m starting to write all about new SEO tricks in this article. I hope you like it. I have learned many things about SEO. I found many different ideas for growing your web page SEO. I have done some experiments for search engine optimization and they all worked. Are you looking to grow your search engine optimization? Are you ready to optimize the search engine result for your website? No problem, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll tell you, how you can take control of your SEO efforts and help improve your rankings while driving free traffic to your website using search engines. Now, first of all, we have to understand “Off-Page SEO” and “On-Page SEO”. SEO has traditionally been divided into two main areas: On-page optimization and Off-page optimization. On-page – which covers what can be done on the pages of the website itself Off-page – which covers activity that takes place elsewhere (e.g. link-building)

Everyone wants to achieve better search engine rankings. That’s because organic search traffic is a proven driver of business growth. Google and other search engines are CONSTANTLY changing the way they rank websites, Google has been rolling out updates, ranging from Panda to Penguin to Google EMDs (exact match domain names), the (PBN) Private Blog Network deindexing updates, and most recently, Hummingbird.

Now all search engine work on quality and quantity content. If you want to improve your website ranking so you need to update your website quality and content. There you have to update likes a Responsive website, Page Heading, Title, Meta tags, Page description, genuine keywords, Content length, etc.
I think the SEO process is easy to understand but it’ll be hard for those who don’t know about SEO services. If you don’t have any idea about SEO so you have to read my previous article “Some Information about SEO“. I explained basic requirements and basic information about SEO.

The SEO process is very difficult to explain such this short article, But I’ll try to explain it all things here.
If you start a new website and think about SEO services so wait. First, you need to complete on-page SEO for your website. On-Page SEO refers to all the things that you can do On your website to help you rank higher, such as page titles, internal linking, meta tags, keywords & descriptions, etc. Now if you completed On-page SEO so you can start Off-page activities. Off-Page SEO refers to all the things that you can do directly Off your website to help you rank higher, such as social networking, article submission, forum & blog marketing, etc.

When it comes to on-page SEO, I’m sure you’ve heard enough about meta tags and keyword density for one lifetime. 
If you think about optimization for your website so first of all, you have to apply on-page SEO. This strategy very usable to optimize your web page.
On-page, SEO is one of the most important processes for your website, not only for achieving better rankings but also for running successful Internet marketing campaigns.
If anyone told you and maybe you get the information about SEO from the internet so first step you need is On-page SEO. Yes, it’s very important for optimizing your website ranking.

If you set up perfectly On-Page SEO so you can get a better result on search engine. I mentioned most important On-Page SEO setting below.

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

Off-page SEO is totally different from On-page SEO. Off-page SEO is working outside the boundaries of your website. Off-page SEO means you have to build links for your website. If you have to apply the off-page SEO technique for your website so have to remember three think.

If the search engine crowding someone’s website and there you already submitted your website link so you get the backlink for your website. But don’t take a mistake to submit your link anywhere. You have to find out that website quality, PageRank, and targeted link type. These links allow the search engine to do index and pass link juice which is indeed the most vital thing for webmasters. The credit goes to Google who introduces Dofollow link in 2005 to deeply filter search engine results for spam indexing. If you submit your link on high PR website then you get an amazing result in short time because a one high PR link is work equally like a hundred low PR links.

What are the benefits of ‘off-site SEO’?

Off-page SEO will help make your website popular on the internet, so you can get more visibility and targeted audience on your website.
On-page SEO gives your website quality and SEO friendly structure but Off-page SEO gives your website priority via search result. The basic thought is you have to build a link more than your competitors. If you got backlinks from high PR websites then you can get an amazing result.

  • The increase in Rankings

    The website will rank higher in the SERPs and this also means more traffic. If you apply to link building process on your website then you get maximum traffic.

  • Increase Keywords

    The Off-page SEO working on your keywords results and links to your website so it’s easy to find out your targeted keywords on search engine.

  • Increase in PageRank

    Page rank is a number between 0 to 10 which show the importance of a website in Google. PageRank was named after Larry Page one of the founders of Google. PageRank is a way of measuring the importance of website pages. This is the reason why Google showing the most relevant and organic result.

Link Building

Link Building is most popular and effective Off-Page SEO method. If you not friendly with link building process so I just explain it in a simple way. If you have seen a reality show on your TV then you may have realized that the contestant who gets the higher voting can win only. The Google follow same thinks with your website. If you want to beat your competitor so you need more backlink for good result. You can get backlinks with link building process.