Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most powerful tools for improving website rankings on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). There is a more alternative option to get more traffic on your website like PPC (Pay-Per-Click). other methods like “black hat” SEO increase your website traffic but we are not recommended them due to their unethical nature. To achieve desired ranking results, many hours and experience are required, but the satisfaction achieved is worth the effort. The following are 30 tips commonly used to improve SEO:

1. in accordance with web2.0 standards station, preferably by W3C validation

The official W3C validation URL:

2. the site generates a pseudo-static page, of course, better direct static pages. Static pages are more easily Indexed by Search Engines. (Proper link structure and fixed content are also called static pages. )

3. Focusing on original web content.

4. The similarity of the pages does not exceed 70% (you have to check for plagiarism before submitting your content.)

5. page finishing orderly, rational text segmentation – in this process, you have to add points to your content.

6. Check your website content updates. Is the website updated regularly, updated daily or updated every few days? – Active websites can reach more traffic. 

7. In order to ensure the quality of the website, it is important to create web content that is centred around the main keyword. Additionally, all pages should remain focused on the overall theme of the website.

8. URL keyword embodied in English (If you write a blog in Hindi (or any other language) so don’t make a URL structure in Hindi. It may affect your Outbound link structure. )

9. the main keyword appears in the page title.

10. page tabs appear Keyword (1-3)

Such as:

Html code  icon_star
  1. meta  name “keywords”  content “your website technology, network technology, SEO tips 2014″  />

11. appears in the keyword description tags

Such as:

Html code  icon_star

meta  name “Description”  content “Technology, SEO, Onpage Optimization”  />

12, An analysis of the natural distribution of keywords provides insight into the content of a document. This information can be used to inform decisions about the structure and content of the document.

13.  reviews for the best content appear keyword

14. The front part and the last part of the contents appear as Keyword. (in this process, you have to write your content with your keywords but remember don’t use keywords in an unhygienic way. )

15. adding keywords in h1, and h2 tags

16. add link anchor text containing the keyword

17. picture name contains keywords (if you upload any image then rename it with your page content’s main keyword.)

18. Title, Alt attribute added with keyword

Such as:

Html code  icon_star

img  src “images / logo.png”  title “Technology ”  alt “Technology”  />

19. Focus on keyword density. – page keyword density must be in 6-8%

20. The keywords in bold or italic performance.

21. Find high PR value incoming links Station.

22. Find links to related content on the page. (in this process you can add your website to another page with related words.)

23. The import link anchor text contains keywords

24. anchor text that web content

25. appeared around the relevant anchor text keyword

26. external links page of the site content and keyword relevance as high as possible

27. external incoming links should be the law and avoid short-term sudden increases or decreases in a lot of backlinks.

28. external incoming links page were not more than 100 export link.

29, the best incoming links from different IP addresses

30. Anchor text should be diversified (eg, SEO, Best SEO Services, Website optimization Services)

If there is extensive use of the website flash, js, and frame navigation framework because the search engines for this navigation support are not very friendly, ( Search engines find HTML content. if you build your website in PHP, Java, or .NET but your page content converts into HTML format so it may be easy to optimize. )

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