Tushar Xerox Custom Web Design

Tushar Xerox is the largest digital printing shop in Ahmedabad. They have a big team who provides quick and effective service in the printing industry. The shop is located in Ambawadi, Ahmedabad. I get some challenging tasks with this project. First, I listed out some places from Ahmedabad and draw them in Adobe Illustrator then I mix up all places in one banner. The second task was client want a logo that will appear like a sun in the middle of the banner, so I create some effect to fulfil that requirement. The third task was they need a unique design idea for representing their all services, so I design an HTML script which looks like card shuffling. I designed this project in Photoshop and convert it into WordPress. Images and some elements take a huge time to load so I worked on that and optimize the website speed.

  • Skill

    Web Design, Photoshop, Web Banner Design, WordPress Development.

  • Application

    Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator,

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