Search Engine Optimization Basics SEO

Tarak Vora SEO Search Engine Optimization Basics SEO

Search engine optimization, the tall one point called SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEO approach very much, what to spend money to get the PPC and other means do not advocate the (so-called black hat SEO) will not say, because it felt humble Always is not “the right path”, and advocated for the way it use to make up the site’s ranking might want to spend a lot of experience and time, but felt the psychological ease. Now commonly used to talk about this 30 SEO Tips:

1, in accordance with web2.0 standards station, preferably by W3C validation

The official W3C validation URL:

2, the site generates a pseudo-static pages, of course, better direct static pages. Static pages more easily Indexed Search Engine

3, focusing on original web content

4, the similarity of the pages do not exceed 70%

5, page finishing orderly, rational text segmentation

6, the website updated regularly, updated daily or regularly update a few days

7, web content around the main keyword page to start, do not back away from the theme of the entire station

8, URL keyword embodied in English

9, the words appear in the page title

10, page tabs appear Keyword (1-3)

Such as:

Html code  icon_star
  1. meta  name “keywords”  content “your website technology, network technology, SEO tips 2014″  />


11, appears in the keyword description tags

Such as:

Html code  icon_star
  1. meta  name “Description”  content “Technology, SEO, Onpage Optimization”  />


12, the contents of the natural distribution of words

13 reviews for the best content appears keyword

14, the front part and the last part of the contents appear Keyword

15, adding keywords in h1, h2 tags

16, chain link anchor text contains the keyword

17, picture name contains keywords

18, title, alt attribute added keyword

Such as:

Html code  icon_star
  1. img  src “images / logo.png”  title “Technology ”  alt “Technology”  />

19, page keyword density of 6-8%

20, the key words in bold or italic performance

21, to find high PR value incoming links Station

22, to find links to related content into the page

23, the import link anchor text contains keywords

24, anchor text that web content

25, appeared around the relevant anchor text keyword

26, external links page of the site content and keyword relevance as high as possible

27, external incoming links should be the law, and avoid short-term sudden increase or decrease in a lot of a lot

28, external incoming links page where not more than 100 export link

29, the best incoming links from different IP addresses

30, anchor text should be diversified (eg, SEO, fast code SEO, website optimization fast code)

If there is extensive use of the website flash, js, frame navigation framework, because the search engines for these navigation support is not very friendly,



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