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Tarak Vora About Me
SEO Expert and Web Designer
SEO Expert and Web Designer in Ahmedabad, India

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Hi! I’m Tarak Vora and I’m a freelance graphic and web designer based in Ahmedabad. I specialized in responsive website design, graphic design, web development, and search engine optimization. Since my youngest age, I learned about graphic design. I was started my career with Search Engine Optimization, then in these 7 years of the journey, I learned about web design, web development, and graphic design. I’m very passionate about my work. I grew up to learned the Internet and gradually it became my passion.

My aim is very clear and true. I want to provide all types of IT services in one place. I am a caring and honest person, so I like to meet honest people and true personality.  In life, I found many good friends they are playing a very supportive role for me. I started freelancing work with my friends. My life going like a rocket. My morning starts with new ideas and night until they become true.

Today, I have a team of expert designer and developer who can do the creative task, they can build a beautiful and professional website, portal, graphic design, SEO friendly design, responsive design and web applications of any scale and complexity. We can do any digital task for your business.

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Life Journey

My life journey is awesome. At an early age, I started to learn about creative thinks. I start sketching and painting with creative design in my childhood. Day by day I understood how to increase my skills and work. After a long time, I was done live-painting tasks. But my appetite has not finished yet, I had enough to learn lots of more things. I started learning the technical theory and computer book and started trying to get more knowledge from it. After completing my network engineering I wanted to learn more. So I had started to find a job. I gave interviews for my first job. I gave an interview for the SEO executive and I was selected for that job.

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I was very excited to do my first job but a little bit nervous about that because that was my first job. But it is said that “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”. I never thought I could not do this. I trusted myself and there I started learning something new. I had done my job very well but after two years, I quit my job.

Yes but that’s not ended it’s a beginning. I was quit my job for learning website design and development. I never thought to become a web designer but I had spent 8 months completely learn about the website design process. I was decided to start my career with the website design and development services because I found the way where you can sell anything and connecting more and more people in one place.  I started to communicate with people and ask for the website. I was facing some problem at my startup because people do not understand how a website is helpful for their businesses. But after all my experiences, I got many projects. Then now I have a team that can do any task to grow your business. I provide high-quality work and services today. Whether you’re the business owner looking for someone to deliver the whole matter like Website Design, Graphic Design, Web Development, CMS,
I can help you.

I feel happy to become a chosen career as a web designer. A good web designer creates the visual elements of a website such as colors, layout, formatting, etc. This is a cool job where you can improve your skill level and improve computer graphic skills too.
I’m very passionate about my work and I love to do this.